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Dual Cool the Future of Cool

The Best Way to Cool Your V-Twin

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About Dual Cool

Keeping V-Twins Cool

All Dual Cool Cooling Systems are designed to look like part of the original bike, so you will use the original horn and horn cover, along with the original chrome horn mounting bracket. All Dual Cools have the same super powerful motors, regardless of model chosen. The cooling capacity of the frame mounting model is generally superior due to the perfect positioning ability of the Frame Mounting System. 90% of the vibration of the cooling system is eliminated by the Frame Mounting System.

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The Oil Cooling Debate is Settled: Dual Cool Reign Supreme!


Independent tests by AMSOIL have silenced the debate about Dual Cools' oil cooling prowess.


Their findings? Dual Cool fans keep your oil cooler than any other system, hands down.

Here's the proof:

At idle and during slow rides, Dual Cools drop oil temperatures by a staggering 53.2 degrees compared to without.

Engine head cooling surpassed Dual Cools' own claims by over 40%.

The front cylinder ran 132 degrees cooler, while the rear clocked in at a whopping 145 degrees cooler!

Conclusion: A cooler engine means cooler oil temperatures, leading to a more comfortable ride and a longer engine lifespan.

What makes Dual Cool different?

They don't just cool hot oil; they prevent it from getting hot in the first place.

Traditional cooling devices only react after the damage is done.

Dual Cools' unique design maximizes airflow over critical engine components, keeping everything running at optimal temperatures.

So, are you ready for a cooler, smoother ride and a longer-lasting engine?

Dual Cools are a clear choice!

Key Observations:

Significant Temperature Reduction: Dual Cool dramatically lower engine head and oil filter temperatures at idle.

Stabilized Temperatures: Both with and without fans, temperatures reached a stable point, indicating consistent cooling performance.

Enhanced Engine Protection: Cooler head and oil temperatures contribute to improved engine health and lifespan.

Overall: Dual Cools demonstrate impressive cooling capabilities, significantly reducing engine temperatures at idle, a critical time for engine health. This data supports claims of improved engine protection and performance with Dual Cools.



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